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Visualize the visitors, we use the tool that is Phone Number List available for most sites: Google Analytics. If we look purely at the basics, then you will find the first important insights at Acquisition . In the Acquisition overview you can Phone Number List see, for example, the origin of visitors under the heading ‘channels’. Under the name Organic Search you will find the size of the stream of SEO visitors. To measure how many sales, brochure Phone Number List requests and other things you owe to this traffic flow, it is important to set goals in analytics . Did you do this?

Then you can see the number of Phone Number List conversions per source. And thus find out what share SEO has in your website success. SEO dashboard web text tool Much more is possible in this area. I have collected some useful Phone Number List data for you in a free SEO Dashboard . You can install it directly. This dashboard focuses on SEO traffic and gives you an overview of, among other things, where your target group Phone Number List is located, which pages they visit and which pages generate conversions.

SEO is and remains a matter of Phone Number List perseverance Not so long ago, SEO was a manageable task. You made a selection of some searches. You wrote an optimized text for each search query. And after adding a few backlinks you Phone Number List had taken a big step towards winning in the rankings. That time is over. Online competition is so fierce that a handful of articles is not enough to storm the top. The search behavior of visitors is also changing. More and more, searches consist of four or more words; “cheap car insurance premium best tested” instead of “car insurance”. The art now is to respond to Phone Number List this wide stream of searches.